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For less than 200 euros we have done with the  Nokia Lumia 520 free . Or maybe for a price close to zero euros with the help of an operator . 



The out of the box, enter the initial configuration and, since that time, and we want to take advantage by going for a walk in order to test its performance. However, it is recommended you that we have a large selection of music that encourages us to entertainment. In this case, you must know some simple keys to the process that will lead to passing audio files from your computer to the memory of the  Nokia Lumia 520 as simple and fast as possible.

Nokia Lumia 520

In this sense, for starters, we have to get hold of an application that will install on our PC or Mac . In the event we are users of Windows , should be done with Zune . Fans of the firm at the apple must downloadWindows Phone Connector from the App Store . Both are free programs that, in practice, are used in a very similar way to iTunes with the iPhone . Thus, the file synchronization system will be very similar.

At the moment we already have installed, open the application of computer, connect our Nokia Lumia 520 via USB to the computer to see how it is detected, inviting synchronization from the desktop software.Both Zune and Windows Phone Connector scrutinize your hard drive for music to indicate which files are available that could happen to  Nokia Lumia 520 . However, the process focuses on two very specific folders. And this moment is key in the process. If you are doing this task from Windows , we must be careful to have all our music library of songs in the folder “music” of the system. In the event that we usersMac , the application only pay attention to the playlists created from iTunes , that is, that we have not indexed disks in the agenda of Apple not visible from Windows Phone Connector -.

Nokia Lumia 520

Once we have created the folders or playlists in the locations indicated, both programs offer a view of all available disks to transfer to the memory of  Nokia Lumia 520 . To do this, we could discriminate between albums, artists, playlists or discographies. This will also depend on the completeness of the information on the identification label (Tag ID) of the songs that we have stored on your computer. This information will be very useful for keeping our music stored inside the  Nokia Lumia 520 on various criteria.

At this point, we would only have to choose what we want to switch from PC to  Nokia Lumia 520 , and once we have decided, enough that we press the button “sync” if we work from Windows Phone Connector . In Zune just go dragging from one folder to another to the phone memory, as if it were an external drive, so that the transfer becomes effective. And nothing more. We can go for a walk and enjoy our favorite music from the  Nokia Lumia 520.

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