How to make a full backup of your mobile

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The most zealous of users setting their own smartphones that do not want to lose your data, personalization or conformity should know to make a backup or backup is best not to throw their hands in their head if they lose content or is necessary to restore the terminal from its factory state.however, the default s nly covering the protection of our images, videos, contacts and little else . APPS we wanted to collect some tools that go beyond, and can save the state of your terminal, applications and settings they included .



For the operating system of Google have two applications have rights as superuser , ie if we rooteado terminal to access all its nooks, or not . In the first case we can not otherwise acordaros of Titanium Backup , a complete tool as for root phones who want to keep their current state. With it you can create a schedule for automatic backups that include applications and current settings of the terminal. But not only that. And this tool is that it also gives the option to save the data of installed applications .This means maintaining the configuration of the tools that we use and save your progress in games installedThe application Titanium Backup can be downloaded for free through Google Play . Recall, again, only for terminals rootIt also has a paid version with more interesting options for more advanced users who know to get the most out of this complete tool .

The alternative we propose to users of Android is Carbon . An application with many options when making a backup without having a device root . So, you just have to download this application from the terminal, download the program to your computer from its official website and Android drivers or drivers in case you want to connect your Android to a PC Windows (on Mac is not necessary). With this, you just have to launch the application and the program , connect both by wire and select applications from the list presented in the smartphone within the screen Backup . Here we can create copies of selective security , collecting only some or all of the apps . Furthermore, once selected, at the bottom of the screen you can choose to save only the data from these applications or everything . Pressing the Backup process starts.

When we want to restore the system follow the same steps, but this time choosing the tab Restore . So, just choose the backup you want to restore the terminal. This application allows you to store backups in the terminal or on the computer , but there is a paid version with more options, such as saving these copies directly to Dropbox or other online storage services . The version free of Carbon can be downloaded through the Google Play .


In this case, we know that Apple brand guidelines very well what users can and can not do with their terminals. Thus, we can use the service proper to iTunes , and commented on the other article , or go a little further if we jailbreak our device. If you meet this requirement exists a very useful application called OpenBackup . With it you can make a backup of all files installed via Cydia famous market . You just need to press the BackUp and wait patiently for them to carry out the process. To reset the copy in a new terminal is necessary to give Jailbreak , reinstall this application from Cydia and hit Restore .This achieves a state similar to the time when it was backed up. Moreover if we have done the same through the tool of iTunes .

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