How to log out of Gmail remotely

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Gmail has become its own right in the webmail tool used the world over. platform Google has managed to gain widespread popularity in recent years, thanks in large part to its integration with the rest of the tools of the company finder. Besides the options visible, Gmail also includes a number of features that remain hidden to the naked eye but can be very useful to enhance the experience of using this tool post.Today we tell you how to log out of Gmail remotely.

Today, mobility is key in the business world and also in the consumer field. It is common for users to use Gmail from multiple computers and equipment , as this platform is accessible from any computer with a browser (and through dedicated applications on platforms such as Android ). If we are in a public or at work, it may happen that we forget to log out of Gmail when finished using the device, which is dangerous because other users could get access to our account and compromise our personal data ( is never advisable to introduce our data on a public computer, although sometimes necessary).

To log in as usual, should I turn to photography miniature is in the upper right of the screen, next to theshare button on Google+. Once we click on the picture, you have to push on the option “Logout.” But to close the remote session must access the name line “details” that appears at the bottom of any screen within the email to Gmail . Just above we can see basic information on account activity.

Once we enter the next screen, we can obtain detailed information in list form on the activity that has been occurring in the last hours. To the right of each access can see the IP address of the computer from which we have entered the account of Gmail . Below the list, find the option to display alerts if unusual activity occurs, a very interesting thing to protect the safety of our own.

But the most interesting part of this screen is the button “Sign out all other sessions”. during tightening can close all sessions that have open on other computers other than the one we are using. Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting option to ensure the integrity of our personal data. In case you are going to use regularly Gmail via public computers, you should turn on verification function in two steps, a safety feature that is somewhat heavy but highly recommended. To activate this tool, you can follow the movements we have related in the article devoted to this purpose.

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