How to install the new update unofficial Samsung Galaxy S3

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The official update Samsung Galaxy S3 to Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) will arrive in October . Meanwhile, the team WanamLite has developed a ROM for incorporating this version – albeit unofficially – to devices that have been unlocked . But one thing: we do not make a mess. As you know, Android is an open source operating system. This means that developers and advanced users have the option of making modifications to the software in question, applying improvements or adding features that are not integrated as standard in its native operating system. Samsung , meanwhile, announced a few days ago soon be available its new edition of Android 4.1.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S3 , but the truth is that in most markets has not yet arrived. That’s why professional developers – through a team dubbed WanamLite– have worked to create a ROM that will shortest waiting time for the official update.

Thanks to the openness of the source code of the operating system, these professionals are able to create what is known as ROMs . It is, if you did not know, a modified data packet that can be installed on the device. In this case, WanamLite has created a new custom ROM Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1 for Samsung Galaxy S3 , addressed to all those who want to try this new version of the operating system on your smartphone with multiple improvements added, exclusive to this edition unofficial .

You know, in any case, that the ROM by WanamLite only compatible with the international version of  the Samsung Galaxy S3 , so that will not work with other devices. To see if this ROM is valid for our terminal, we must access the section of Settings and About Phone to check that this is the issue I9300 . We remind you, as always, to install this type of firmware the user who performed must have accurate knowledge about the procedure, since any monumental failure on the system can report serious damage to not enter into the assumptions repair under warranty terminal. The device shall from editing XXDLIB firmware with preinstalled ClockworkMod .

Before performing the upgrade, the user also must have saved all those important data , by backing up files, applications and personal settings. Keep in mind that the software Samsung Kies might not recognize the device after the update, so that copies of data should not be done with this program. Finally, it should be uninstalled or disabled the antivirus and have charged the battery up to 85% , at least, so that the device does not perform an unexpected shutdown for having little autonomy. If you’re ready, you must follow these instructions or watch the video you attached at the top to perform the process properly:

1) Download the firmware ROM WanamLite Custom Firmware and connects the Samsung Galaxy S3to the computer with a USB cable . Copy the downloaded file (in ZIP format) to the root folder of the SD card of your device.

2) Disconnect the phone from the computer and turn it off. Click the button Volume up button and the center of the machine. Then, press the power button to reboot into recovery mode.

3) In this mode, do a Reset to restore factory defaults. If you find it more convenient, you can also boot the phone in recovery through ROM Manager , an application that is available – free – for download from the Google Play .

4) Finally, find the ZIP file on the SD card . Select WanamLite ROM in the root folder of the device. Start the new device, even through a slow process that can last for 4 to 5 minutes to complete.

If there is a failure during the boot process (the device can boot loop or getting stuck at the splash screen) will have to remove the battery and repeat all the steps above, from the beginning, until the installation to take effect. When finished, you will see that in paragraph Settings and About Phone is already Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean) as the terminal operational version.

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