How to fix error 3194 when restoring an iPhone with Jailbreak

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One of the requirements when using an iPhone , or any mobile device Apple , is that users must pass through iTunes to do certain tasks such as update or restore the system. This can be an advantage but sometimes it works well and receive error messages as often happens on many occasions to restore the system.

restore option allows iPhone to leave the factory settings and delete all content stored on it (photos, videos, contacts …). Therefore all users who want to perform this process should make a backup first, so do not lose any data. Normally the restoration is done in a few minutes and does not usually cause problems, but there are other times when  the famous error 3194 appears , especially in terminals that have applied the Jailbreak .

The Jailbreak is a method to remove the restrictions imposed by Apple that has millions of fans worldwide, is easy to apply but sometimes encounter this error when trying to remove it from our terminals. The Error 3194 usually occurs in these situations but also occurs for reasons other than toJailbreak . The result of receiving this message when trying to restore is there something that prevents iTunes connect to Apple’s servers to check if the version of the system that we will restore valid. The program offers no solution to the problem and just simply stop the process, but as always there is a solution that works in most cases to be able to finish the restoration. We explain how to fix the error 3194.

* Note : In addition to the error 3194 , there are others like the 21 or the 1013 normally also be solved by this method.

iTunes Error 3194 01

1) The first thing to do is close iTunes or it will not detect the changes and will continue to fail.

iTunes Error 3194 02

2) Now you need to locate the hosts file is in the path C: \ Windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ . To edit the file you must have administrator permissions on the computer.

3) Do not open the file by double-clicking, it’s best to open the Notepad application by right clicking on the icon and selecting “Run as administrator” . Once you open the notebook you have to open the hosts file, select File-Open and search for it on the route that we provided in the previous step.

4) All you have to do now is remove the line “” and save the file.

iTunes Error 3194 03

5) Now iTunes should allow you to restore the system to normal operation. If you’ve already tried before have downloaded iTunes version of the firmware that corresponds, to be faster and not have to wait for it to download, click the Restore button in iTunes while holding the Shift key , so a window for you select the firmware file (. ipsw). The firmware of the iPhone are stored in the path C: \ User \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates \

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