How to connect the Nokia Lumia 520 to WiFi network

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Nokia Lumia 520

At the time we bought a new smart phone , one of the most interest during the initial setup process is the network access to Wi-Fi . Why? Very simple: although the most usual is that the start-up taps into the network 3G , using the data allowance that we hired, always interesting avoid possible consumption. And for that, what better than to take the first steps of customizing the online features of our smartphonenetwork connecting us to a Wi-Fi . But even if we perform this task during the first firing, we could also add new networks and change we have linked.

The  Nokia Lumia 520 is very simple process. As we say, at the time we started using this inexpensive and complete phone for the first time, during the initial setup, we annex us to a network Wi-Fi that is within our reach. But if we skip this step, we could resume at any time by following a simple route through the menu of Windows Phone 8 . To start, we would have to go to panel “configuration” system. This is within reach from the list of installed applications, which will show when desplacemos left home-screen which shows animated squares when we unlock the phone screen.

Nokia Lumia 520

Once in the configuration section, we will see a number of options available, including dedicated networks recognize the Wi-Fi . We press there and will open a new menu. The first thing we must keep in mind to continue with the process is that the network system is activated. If we keep it turned off when we know we will not be using the free Wi-Fi can save power, but would have to be aware of when we have access to a network to which we can connect, and avoid data consumption hired.

Under the spring that turns the network access Wi-Fi we present all points of connection that we have at our disposal. The display order is important: those which offer a greater power in the signal reception will see in the top ranks of the list. Now we’ll just have to click on the network or networks to connect to know her or them. Those who are subject to the entry of a password appear to be distinguished by the word “safe”, while those that are open will be presented as such.

Nokia Lumia 520

From the configuration panel Wi-Fi networks on the Nokia Lumia 520 can also adjust other parameters that could be interesting in the face of customizing this section. To do this, in the menu we have just described, we come to the bottom of the list, where we will see a button that gives access to advanced settings. Three are, first, the values ​​we could handle. First, we tell the system if we want to be informed when new networks are Wi-Fi in our power.

We could also check or uncheck a command that we connect to known networks and preconfigured.Finally, among the advanced settings to the user asking for permission to send data on the location and information about networks Wi-Fi detected by the terminal, in order to facilitate the tracking of wireless points for the rest of the user community with Windows Phone 8 . Finally, in the advanced settings panel will check the full list of the networks that have already set up, so that leaving your finger on each could modify some of the data with which we had previously scheduled.

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