How to change the details of your Yahoo

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You can sign up for a free Yahoo account, which will give you access to Email, instant messaging, games and other Internet services. You can enter to Yahoo at any time to change your account information, for example, information person, associated accounts and premium services. You must enter your Yahoo Mail ID and password of that account in order to make those changes.


  1. Open your Internet browser and log into Yahoo and access the configuration page.

  2. Click “update your information contact “to view and change the settings of your personal information. You will see a form where you can change your information you want.

  3. Click “Choose how Yahoo! will contact” to change the email address and phone number associated with your Yahoo!

  4. Click “Change Password” to change the password to your account. Yahoo! asked to enter your current password and the new password twice.

  5. Click “Manage applications and site connections” to make changes in the relationship with other sites like Facebook and mobile apps are linked to your account.

  6. Click “Set language, site and time zone” to view and change the language settings and time zone associated with your account. You can select options from a menu.

  7. Click “View your Yahoo! premium services” to change the premium services in which you have subscribed.
  8. Click “Configure Alerts Yahoo!” to change the way in which Yahoo! alerts you by mail,messenger and mobile services.

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