How to avoid being spied on Facebook

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Nearly one billion people have Facebook . The social network has captivated millions of users around the world, so that should address the reasons why a large number of individuals, companies and organizations have decided to join this trend. Not without controversy, the social network Mark Zuckerberg has captured the attention of a majority interested in the entertainment , the leisure and even gossip . In fact, experts in social networks usually classified Facebook into a familiar category, leaving other areas such as professional Twitter or LinkedIN , strictly designed for a professional audience, skilled in new technologies and Internet .

There are many users who connect often to take a look at the activity of his friends. However, it is also true is that some people use the power of social networks and the ignorance that many users have on their operation to spy on the activities of friends, enemies, acquaintances and distant relatives . Today we give you some tips to prevent you from spying on Facebook .

The mission of Facebook is, without doubt, get users to share the maximum amount of information possible, including photographs, personal information, likes, interests, opinions, etc.. You will see the commercial logic of this network we makes it easy, so you have to sit a while to understand what the Facebook privacy system to prevent your information is available to everyone. We strongly recommend that you follow these instructions:


1) Access your account from Facebook by entering your username (email) and password. Once inside, go to the top right of the page and select Privacy Settings . You will see that this is a space full of options.Will explain what to do in each section so you do not miss the road.

2) All the content you post can be viewed by three different modes of public: Public (all people to connect to Facebook ) Friends (all persons with whom you joined a friend of Facebook ) and Custom (people you want). At this point, we recommend you select the third option and choose who can truly see your posts. In fact, it’s easier to select specifically those who do not want to be aware of your present.

This does not mean you are restricting access to your photo albums and other content. Facebook is not willing to ponérnoslo easy. Must follow many indications to close your circle of true privacy .


3) How to connect . This section allows you to configure who can find you on Facebook by name or email. You can also restrict friend requests receiving and sending messages from Facebook . If you want to keep out spies, your best option is to select the configuration you see above and let your friends are only those who can connect with you.


4) Biography and labeling . In this section you will have the option to control who publishes your biography and what certain people can tag you in photos. The configuration that we present in the image of the top is the most recommended, since this way only your friends will have the opportunity to publish the biography and only people you select can see what others are saying. This option also allows you to control the publications in which you appear , since they first have to approve them.

5) Applications, games and websites . You can also configure the information you offer to the owners of all applications or games you are subscribed. Sufficient if you click Edit Settings to prevent these companies from spying information that once lent them.

6) Limit the audience of previous publications . If you have changed your privacy settings, Facebookwill continue to consider before your content can be shared with everyone. If you want those files are restricted, click on Limit old publications .

7) Manage locks . Finally, you have an option that allows you to control those people / users who do not want to have dealings. Can not meet you in Facebook , nor connect with you, or send you messages.Select the users you want to block and enter them in this section. Click on Block .

8) Finally, it is important that you consider other issues directly related to access your account . We recommend that you review:

– The password for access . It should be a secure password, different from the rest of keys that have to access other services. Remember that if you have the same password for all your accounts, cybercriminals will find it much easier to access your personal data and ultimately give you an upset. The best practice in such cases is to change the password regularly.

– Access from browsers . If you normally connect from public computers, remember to close session every time you finish checking your profile on Facebook . If you leave your computer without disconnect, others may access your account and spy.

– The password for your phone. If you routinely connect your phone, you will want to protect him with a strong password. Thus, if you lose nobody can access your Facebook data, but also to your email or bank account.

– Check the applications you have given permission . To access the applications that are on Facebook, you’ve previously had to consent to the assignment of private information. Periodically review the applications to control who has access to your data.

Finally, we recommend you access the Security section that Facebook offers you. From there you can control and configure various parameters, for example, a security question to access Facebook . You can change the safe navigation or request the approval of sign whenever someone accessed from a device other than one of your regular media. You can also create passwords to access each application individually and configure a number of friends devices or control from which place you are logging. You know, in the latter case, the location that offers Facebook is not too accurate, so any odd data can be misleading.

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