How Nokia Reader for Nokia S40 devices

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The news readers are one of the most useful types of application for our smartphones . With them we can be informed of all ar Articles and news published on our favorite websites through the RSS subscriptions , and offer a range of other features and capabilities. As Nokia Reader for devices with Finnish operating system Symbian S40 . A news reader for the most recent full terminal filed, the Nokia Asha .

This application is still in development, testing or beta , but is fully functional and can try and use it with no apparent problems . Once installed, you just have to launch it and select the fonts you wish to be informed. To do this, Nokia Reader has a directory of international media and local very broad and can choose depending on where we want or the type of information that provides: news, sports, entertainment, business and so on . You just have to click on the desired option and mark Subscribe.

His allows to have on hand the latest news published by the media through our smartphone . And here comes into play one of the unique features of Nokia Reader . This application includes a list of summaries of the latest publications to have some previous notions before selecting one or other news to read. This allows us to be content with a minimum expenditure of battery , since it is only updated at times.

It is exactly the same with the notifications . Nokia Reader has alerts so you know when you publish a last minute , but all this without sacrificing battery of our terminal. This is possible thanks to the own tool Nokia , which is responsible for connecting to the Internet when necessary , avoiding use other resources that make use of the connectivity or mobile processor and hence consume battery life prematurely.

In addition, a point that we liked about Nokia Reader for terminals S40 is featuring a widget or shortcut to place on the desktop terminal. So we can read the summaries of the latest publications and directly access them without having to access the application. To do this you just have to make a long press on the desktop , select Personalise view and choose the place they occupy this. After that, you just have to choose Nokia Reader from the list of applications and click Yes to confirm the action. This will be informed at the same desk.

Ultimately, a reader of news as helpful . Especially for terminals Asha and other S40 , whether tactile or have full keyboard . This application is available through the application platform for developing Nokia known as the Nokia Beta Labs . And it’s completely free .

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