How many artifacts orbiting are around the Earth at a time?

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It is difficult to accurately count it for two reasons: because obviously no country shows how many satellites  in orbit and maintains spy because there are some artifacts or parts of them that have been popping-sometimes detected and sometimes not.

Between the launch of Sputnik (1957) and January this year have placed some 6,000 objects, but 400 of them have exploded or interplanetary trajectories followed (speaking of 200). According to NASA, there are about 5,600 artificial satellites orbiting our planet, but notes that only about 800 remain active.

The problem that so many  space objects  is deprecated threatening security-there have been about 10 crashes with scrap-for those who remain active. Most “owner” of satellites is Russia, with 1,300, followed by the U.S. (about 700 in operation, but had more than 4,000), and Japan (holds 60). Spain only has 5 devices in orbit now.

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