How Many Accounts Of Yahoo Users Compromised In 2013? 1 Billion?

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In 2014 it was disclosed about 500 million Yahoo user accounts were hacked. We know this very well. The news had hit headlines across the world, but do we know this was not the biggest in its history?

A new report reveals more than one billion accounts were hacked in 2013 and the compromised data involved sensitive user information including phone numbers, encrypted passwords, date of birth and unencrypted security questions apart from names of course.

Take note, the unencrypted security questions can be easily used in reseting passwords.

Earlier this year in September, when the headlines talked about 500 million user accounts hacked on Yahoo platform, the company said to have forced the affected users to change passwords and it also invalidated unencrypted security questions.

However, it is still not very well known how many users were in actual attacked. Yahoo says it has over 1 billion active users. It is not yet known how many inactive accounts were compromised in the mega hack.

According to Yahoo, the hacking came to notice by them after analyzing data files which were provided by law enforcement upon the claim of unnamed third party to have contained Yahoo information.

Meanwhile, amid the investigation with the help of federal authorities Yahoo did mention the attack could have been sponsored by a government.

Yahoo’s chief information security officer Bob Lord had then said state-sponsored actor had stolen their proprietary source code.

However, compared to Facebook, Google and other Silicon Valley competitors the security has taken a back seat in recent years at Yahoo.

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