How Google Maps users mapped North Korea

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North Korea, the last country in the world with some precision appear on Google Maps, lost that dubious honor yesterday. The company published the before and after in his official blog:

Until Tuesday, appeared just located the capital, Pyongyang, still and alone in the middle of a blank map. Since yesterday, there is a certain pattern of roads and rivers that appear on schools, hospitals and hotels. But mostly are also concentration camps, fixed on the ground and put on the map a situation that several NGOs have spent years denouncing. The company has used the term “gulag” to identify and even plot your inner planes as seen in these two images of BuzzFeed . Here one of the fields:

And here the principal’s office.

None of this would have been possible without the collaboration of thousands of people worldwide. Google has thanked his blog on the volunteers who have participated in the preparation of the maps its exercise of “citizen mapping”. The vast majority of them have never set foot in the country, but have made ​​use of satellite imagery, information from people who really have been on the ground, and especially many North Koreans have fled the country and know about the place in which they lived and some of the surrounding (internal mobility is another scarce goods) to radiografiarlo. An American volunteer explains in this video at The Whasington Post how it has contributed through Google Maps Maker , a Google tool that users can use to edit, correct and improve the cartographic information, similar to Wikipedia. Here you can see how it works in real time .  

Google, whose chairman Eric Schmidt visited Pyongyang three weeks ago, has been put on the map a country that until only ten days did not allow the entry of mobile phones, let alone journalists. A Spanish journalist, however, was a few months ago in the country and photographed and recorded what he could. Colomé Jordi Perez, author of the blog Obamaworld , shot this video from one service area to 40 kilometers from the capital.Traffic on one of the main roads out of the capital, a Thursday at four in the afternoon. 

The giants of the network can identify the worst secrets of a country in the dark. Much more difficult, it seems, is to control under thirteen years living in a house with wifi. Facebook just recognized as The Guardian , he can not do virtually nothing to prevent children create their profile on the social network, although that restriction, exported from the United States, is among its rules of use in the vast majority countries where it operates. In the UK, it is estimated that 34% of those under 13 have profiles on Facebook. 

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