How do astronauts wash their hands in space?

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Through the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has become a curiosity of the health of the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). How do they wash their hands? Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, who has just over a month on the ISS, has shown in a video how to wash their hands of the station crew.

Astronauts have some bags with a solution of water mixed with soap . From them comes a tube that comes out the required dose. Before the ball begins to rise solution of weightlessness, astronauts must catch it and rubbing her hands.

Hadfield says they have to apply the solution in your hands very quickly and not to dry naturally. The astronaut must dry your hands with a towel immediately.

After the towel hangs astronaut to dry, so that water to evaporate again to the space station to be used again.

Why do astronauts float?

Both Chris Hadfield as floating soap solution on the space station. And why is that?According to the CSA explains , astronauts are in free fall as they orbit around the Earth and float inside the ship because they go at the same speed. Astronaut obviously falls to earth despite being in free fall. The speed of the ship is maintained in orbit.

Chris Hadfield’s mission

The Canadian astronaut protagonist of the video broke the December 19, 2012 from Kazakhstan to the International Space Station. For five months laboratory has to share with other Americans and Russians eight crew to conduct scientific experiments, test new technologies, tying pieces of refueling with a robotic arm Canadarm2, the CSA-and perform spacewalks.

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