How Beneficial it Can Be to Develop an Mobile Enterprise Application Store

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One of the biggest challenges that most of the IT firms face is to develop a mobile enterprise. However, it is one of the inescapable projects due to the increasing popularity of supporting mobile users and boosting organization flexibility. The enterprise application software running on different mobile devices acts as a major component of such an enterprise. It facilitates running of several app whose security and management are ensured by a Mobile Enterprise App Store (MEAS) – a public app store like Google’s Marketplace. This is where employees, just like customers, can obtain the latest apps that can help in increasing their productivity and project outputs. Such apps are customized ones that cater to the needs of the entire enterprise for creating a competitive advantage.

The Cause that Triggers the Need of MEAS


There are two types or enterprise custom apps based on the nature of their development. First are the applications created by vendors who sell them to various enterprises. These apps are then customized for a specific enterprise. For example, a firm buys an app from Microsoft and then modifies it to meet its specific needs. Second are the apps that are customized solely for a particular enterprise. For example, a firm itself may customize its existing application for creating its mobile version. This customization would include a variety of changes such as breaking up of the app into smaller chunks to fit the small mobile screens, removing extra information, and so on. With a big picture in mind, entirely new apps are created for catering the mobile needs. However, creating both generic and custom apps gives rise to a problem, as developers need to find out the ways to control, secure, and distribute them to their employees. This is exactly where an MEAS has to come for the rescue.

The Reasons to Have and Maintain MEAS


There are many reasons to have a customized app store for an enterprise.

  • To Gain Access Control: A centralized location for storing and managing enterprise applications makes it easy to control access to the apps. There are times when some apps need to be accessed only but a few employees. For example, an app for senior management cannot be accessed by the lower management pros, as it may track the performance of different employees. This access control becomes possible as well as easy with an EAS.
  • To Ensure Usage Control: Having an MEAS allows firms to control what employees can use on their smartphones. With such a store, it becomes easy to guide employees to use apps from the EAS. This ensures that the employees comply with the rules or regulations by accessing the apps from a single location.
  • To Make Latest Apps Available: One more advantage of an MEAS is to offer a single platform for obtaining the latest version of an app. An EAS does so by implementing a better model wherein no Apple’s or Google’s review process is required and that an employee pulls the apps down when convenient or while utilizing the Wi-Fi network.


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