How applications work through Nokia Lumia 920 processor

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Not all phones are equal. Nor is identical to the operation of all applications we install on our devices. In fact, the technical features and benefits of the two components depends on the operation, quicker or slower , programs that handle daily. In Nokia Conversations , the official blog of the company Nokia , we offer some interesting facts related to the operation of the various types of processors . A few days ago, we talked about this engine of one or more cores. And is that the fact that a processor has two or more cores is not synonymous with superior performance . What the cores is to distribute and channel all information to be processed, so that what we do will be critical speed of the piece in question. But how applications work through the different types of processors ?

Well, to the point. By now, the vast majority of smartphones run through more than one processor core.Devices like the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 are already operating with a processorQualcomm Snapdragon S4 . In this case, we know that operating systems – all in general – are ready to run on smartphones with gears of these features. The operation of the applications, in this case, is quite different. The developers of these programs have had to adapt and reprogram the codes to achieve good application performance in every way, but the fact is that few applications that can take advantage of more than two cores . Most of them can run so fast across two cores, so that the developer does not make much sense to work in a much more sophisticated programming that has been done so far.

The two or more processor cores as the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 make sense to run the operating system itself. It is thanks to this tool, the terminal is able to run applications in the background . It is what is known as multitasking. There are, however, programs that use the double processing. A prime example are the games, complex applications that use three-dimensional , artificial intelligence and other tools that combine the need for a powerful processor with a good chip for graphics . For the good performance of the camera, in addition, it is also very necessary Image Signal Processor (ISP) thatfunctions as a separate core and can capture good images, but also process them properly afterwards .


In a near future, it is likely that developers work to develop new applications that do take into account the capacity of mobile multicore, which undoubtedly bring great satisfaction to the mobile technology lovers high .

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