Houses of the Future, Now.

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In the 1950’s people were imagining what the houses of the future would be.  The designs that were concocted were zany and way more technologically advanced than what could actually be achieved in the projected time period. Currently, though, there are many futuristic houses on the market that are as crazy as the 1950’s thought they would be.

One of the most interesting futuristic architecture comes out of Seoul, Korea. The design is called the cocoon, and it is a building inspired by the volcanic topography of Jeju island, as well as the biological cocoon, as its name suggests. At the center of the house is the ‘cocoon’. The cocoon is a round tube like section of the house with many round windows.

Another futuristic house is one found on S. Michael Island in the Azores, called Flight of the Birds. This futuristic house has many different shapes all unified by two wing like walls. There is a giant red wall that protects the house from the brutal winds of the North Atlantic Ocean. On the ground floor, the rooms are open to the outdoors, only a pane of retractable glass separates them.  Peppered among the design are many patios and courtyards, taking advantage of the frequent rain showers to keep them lush and green.

What is stranger and more futuristic than a cocoon house or a house with wings? How about a house that looks like a boat? Inspired by the owner’s love for yachts, this house, called the h3 house looks like the hull section of a yacht. This house, in addition to being strangely futuristic, is also eco-friendly. Located in Athens, Greece, this boathouse utilizes geothermal energy as its main source of energy.

Completely different than any sort of futuristic design concept is the Komb House. The Komb house, Designed by Karim Rashid, was build using refurbished wooden fins situated at many different angles (giving it a comb like look). Near the center of the house, there is a deep plunge pool found directly beneath a skylight. This pool, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing is also quite functional. The pool collects and filters rainwater, which is then used in the house. The entire house, inside and outside is futuristic.