Hitachi introduces its new Enterprise Cloud Strategy

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Under the slogan “Your Cloud, Your Way”, Hitachi has introduced the master keys of its strategy in the field of solutions Cloud oriented large companies. This strategy revolves around the launch of its   Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere , a tool to share and synchronize files across all devices to join the network of the organization. This solution is geared to meet the challenges of the trend BYOD increasingly settled in the world of business and that is that employees can use their own personal devices for work. With this announcement, Hitachi seeks to become a global cloud solutions provider and achieve a more prominent position in the European market.



The Japanese company’s strategy is to focus on further development of the field of content management in the cloud. His solution Anywhere Hitachi Content Platform is aimed at enabling organizations to share and sync files across all devices that become part of the infrastructure of the company, all with an emphasis on security and the flexibility required such solutions. For example, you can perform the deletion of the data used by a particular device if there is a theft or loss, of remote and in few seconds. Thus minimizing the risks of creating leakage of sensitive information.

Another aspect that wanted to stress Hitachi is the location of the data in the cloud. The client will know at any time where the files are physically stored (through a data center). This knowledge is important because each country has its own laws about the premises and often up a data type does not require that information out of a particular country.

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The data stored within the central folder  Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere will be accessible by employees of the company they are accredited, from any device they use to work. Thus, for example, can connect to your laptop via the private network or use another device such as a tablet or a smartphone.Currently, the company has released their own application for iTunes for devices iPad and iPhone.Nevertheless, the devices app for Android should arrive in late summer or early fall. It is a solution designed to facilitate collaborative work, because the files that are stored are synchronized whenever you perform a modification from anywhere. Furthermore, the system backs up the files so that they can perform a quick restore them in case of any incident.

Another security aspect to note is the inclusion of a virus scan to inspect the files whenever they are modified. In the aspect of flexibility and functionality of HCP Anywhere , it is noteworthy that this solution has been integrated with the interface for the service applications Amazon S3 , which over time is becoming almost a standard for the development cloud-based applications. Nor should we neglect the importance of the so-called “Big Data” is in the strategy of Hitachi for this field.

And today now every time we have a larger amount of data, to the point that much of the success or failure of a business can depend on the manner in which we analyze the data and get useful information out to the company. That is why HCP Anywhere also has powerful tools to analyze the information we have stored easily and allows advanced searches. With yesterday’s announcement, Hitachi aims to become a global provider of cloud and improve its European presence in this important market.

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