Here’s how the multi-user system for Android 4.2 tablets

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With the arrival of Android 4.2, the new version of the popular mobile operating system introduced just over a month, Google introduced a highly anticipated feature among its clients, the system multi-user. As its name suggests, this service allows us to create multiple user accounts on a single device, very similar to what can be done on a computer or laptop.


The multi-user system reserves only to tablets as it is quite common to share these devices with other people such as family, smartphones run out this function but is logical since they are personal use only. Currently there are very few tablets already received the update to Android 4.2, specifically the Google Nexus 10 and the Google Nexus 7 , if you have one of these models you can start to test this system, if you do not have access to and can update first look its operation.

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Google has created a system fairly intuitive and you can configure a new user in a few simple steps. To view the current user must pull down the menu at the top of the screen, this shows the avatar of the currently active user. To create a new user is very simple, you have to enter the menu settings , the section Users and press the add that is located at the top right of the screen. Once you have created the new profile will ask if you want to set it up, we say yes and redirects you to the home screen where you can choose from the available users. The first time you open a new user the same screens that appear when configuring the tablet right out of the box, we ask the account data as Google and others.

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Each user of the tablet can have its own settings including screen widgets, applications, contacts and all kinds of information. So the tablet can be handled by several people without interfering with them,for example very useful for homes where there are children, thus restricting access to certain content such as emails or important documents and can not be deleted by accident. A very important aspect is that when we create a new user you must have free memory as each profile takes up space. To delete a user profile must reenter Settings – Users and delete the account you want.

The system multi-user of Google is a better approximation to the functioning of a computer and is a very good idea that is sure to please many customers. If you are the one who handles the tablet may not be interested but it never hurts to have it for those situations in which a friend or relative asks the tablet to find something on the Internet or play something, so you make sure that your personal content is completely separated from the rest.

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