He died at age 26 on cyber activist Aaron Swartz

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The hacker, who apparently committed suicide, developed the web RSS and Reddit

He was accused of stealing millions of documents from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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The young activist and programmer Aaron Swartz Internet died Friday in his apartment in New York, where he had apparently taken his own life.Swartz was a pioneer in the network at 14 helped create RSS-digital technology that helps to subscribe to online content, and a few years later created and social network aggregator Reddit, to great success in the United States.

Swartz, 26, had also become a leading advocate for Internet freedom and had a case pending with the U.S. justice system, which last year accused of stealing millions of documents on the network of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT) in Boston. Swartz’s family issued a statement declaring that the death of Aaron “is not simply a personal tragedy” but “the product of a criminal justice system riddled with abuses in intimidation and persecution.”

Family members also blame the Attorney General of the State of Massachusetts and MIT for having “contributed directly to his death.”The state court against Swartz presented different positions last year and asked for a sentence of 30 years in prison. The accused had pleaded not guilty so far and, according to several U.S. media, the legal battle had already significantly diminished his pocket.

He had a case pending with the law, who accused him of stealing millions of Web Documents MIT

Among the causes that Swartz had turned activist on behalf of online transparency was his “attack” on a web service that sells access to court reports and data related to the activity in the U.S. courts by citizens are required to pay , although they are funded by their taxes. Swartz philosophy collided with justice and would be investigated by the FBI, who accused him of revealing to the public thousands of data. However, it would not be stopped until authorities found he had downloaded millions of documents from MIT.

Swartz then a student at Harvard University in Boston, and connected to the network wifi MIT, gaining access to their databases. The young leave your computer connected overnight to copy 4 million research housed in the internal network. According to its proponents, the Justice Department should have accused of violating the rules of use of the network and the content belongs to the university, instead of imposing a fine of $ 1 million in addition to the prison term.

“The government seems to have lost all sense of proportion in this case,” argued Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the Internet, when they met the charges brought against him. “The only apparent legal theory behind the Government’s arguments is that his actions could have serious unintended consequences.” Berners Lee on Saturday published a message on Twitter and n the bouncing to be his partner.

Besides thanks to the success of Reddit, self-styled as “the website”, Swartz amassed hundreds of followers on the web thanks to the decisive role played by early 2012, when the U.S. Congress debated two important laws on intellectual property on the Internet and, according to his detractors, could end the concept of network we know today. Swartz spoke out against the legislation and led a campaign to end “off” several websites for 24 hours in protest of two measures that were doomed to failure.

“Swartz did not commit to these causes simply talking about them or defending them in public,” Glenn Greenwald writes in The Guardian.“Again and again sacrificed their own interests, including their freedom, to defend those values ​​and challenge the powerful factions who were his enemies. That’s what makes him, in my opinion, so very heroic. “

After learning of his death, social networks and blogging platforms, as well as numerous publications in the world of technology have been overturned in farewells and tributes to the young genius .

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