Have you seen how will the smartphone OS with Firefox?

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On Wednesday, in a small booth at Qualcomm IQ 2012 event in Sao Paulo, the Mozilla Foundation showed a prototype smartphone equipped with its mobile operating system, the Firefox OS. Do not expect a competitor of Galaxy S III or iPhone 4S : a device is much more modest, whose goal is to deliver to the consumer “features of a smartphone with the price of a feature phone.”

There were many technical details: the device is based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor unidentified (given the goal of low cost, probably a model family S1), with a screen of about 3.5 inches and, as in any modern smartphone, a digital camera. The operating system is based on the Firefox browser (hence the name) and absolutely everything from GUI applications is written using web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
Smartphone with Firefox OS: System based on web technologies

This does not mean that the system is limited in terms of applications that can be developed.Thanks to APIs (application programming interfaces) offered by the system, since you can create apps that access the hardware (like the camera) up games with sophisticated graphics in 2D or 3D, using technologies such as Canvas or WebGL.

The system was in a very preliminary stage, and some applications (such as camera and some games) did not work. But it was possible to get an idea of the general behavior that is very similar to a device with Android, with a home screen with icons for apps installed and a dock for quick access to your favorite apps. The speed of response to screen taps was satisfactory. According to Mozilla , the first manufacturers to adopt the new system are Alcatel and ZTE.

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