Harvard researchers created a flexible robot that can camouflage

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  • It is inspired by marine animals and has a soft body, elastic and flexible
  • The robot takes the colors of their environment by pumping liquids
  • The device could have a lot of uses in medicine or purchase.

A team of researchers from Harvard University, led by Professor George Whitesides, has used a new type of engineering to create robots based soft silicone with a capacity for camouflage . The device, which started out last year , is inspired by marine animals and has a soft body, elastic and flexible.

“When the team started work in soft robots are inspired by octopus and squid, one of the most fascinating features of these animals is their ability to control their appearance,” said Stephen Morin, author of the paper.

We used color casts created with 3D printers allow the robot to camouflage

In the study, published in the journal Science , were used color casts created with 3D printers to allow the robot disguise . The silicone is poured into molds to create micro-channels, topped with another layer of silicone.

Once the layers were created, the researchers pumped colored liquid in the channels, making the robot take the colors and patterns in their environment.

However, the possibilities of camouflage system are not limited to visible colors, also can camouflage the robot heat pumping hot or cold liquids . In other tests were also used fluorescent fluid that allowed the robot to shine in the dark.

Many applications in the future

Researchers have explained that this coloration dynamics could have a lot of uses in the future , such as helping doctors to plan complex surgery or search teams following a natural disaster.

The device is propelled through the air pumping through small cylinders in its four limbs . And although by the time the addition of fluids that give color to the robot is carried out from a reservoir in the future could be supplied from the body of the robot.

“The beauty of these systems is that their properties are very different from those of other conventional robots, the new device gets very complicated movements with a very simple system,” he says Whitesides.

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