Hard disk size of a molecule

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Scientists from the United States made a breakthrough in bioengineering, “typing” a book on DNA molecules. In addition, they were able to decode the stored information and “read” text.

Mankind has long been looking for the perfect way to store data. But reliable scientific inventions may be just what nature created and tested over millions of years. That’s why since 1988 the U.S. bioengineers have tried to make a universal memory card from a DNA molecule that stores and transmitting from generation to generation all the biological information about the person.

The attempts were unsuccessful: the book “Regenezis: how synthetic biology can help to rethink the nature and themselves” authors Ed Regis and George Church with the help of a specially developed computer program was divided into small pieces and stored in artificial DNA molecule. The use of living cells is not allowed in this case, because they can wash their own information. We synthesized DNA, which is placed in a tiny glass chip, there is a minus. In addition, it does not require sophisticated storage conditions and may be in a regular room.

Also with a good result, scientists have the reverse process – extracted data from the molecules and only got a few bugs in the 53,000 words of original text. Recording of information was carried out with an incredibly high density – 5.5 petabit / 1 kub.mmFrom this perspective, we can assume that in the near future, vast amounts of information accumulated by people over long periods of time will be archived in a few grams of “biological drive.”

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