Half of the phones will be smartphones in 2013

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estimate that smartphones will reach a market share of 54 percent over the next year

The smartphones are the most widely used model phone globally two years earlier than planned. IHS iSuppli estimates, smartphones will account for 54% of the terminals distributed by industry worldwide in 2013, a figure that exceeds the 46% of 2012 and 35% ahead of 2011 and also earlier expectations . Estimates that were handled so far, the devices would not be smartphones mainstream market until 2015.

“This is a major update of forecasts compared to last year, when it was not expected that smartphones until 2015 to get ahead, “says senior analyst at IHS wireless communications, Wayne Lam . “In the last twelve months, reduced price smartphones and launched a wide variety of models.”

These figures have an explanation. The demand for high-end modelsin developed countries has grown and in emerging countries registered strong demand-unexpected-intelligent terminal low cost has managed to increase the weight of the total smartphones in the mobile device market.

The growth of the smartphone market weight will also haveconsequences for the manufacturers , they will have to keep fighting to claim his share of the pie. According to IHS iSuppli forecasts will not be enough just to have good hardware features to become the king of the market. The software features , the user interface, the number and variety of applications available, the support of the developer community and strength in vertical integration will become key when made with the market.

Moreover, the growth of smartphones in the mobile market will have itsvictims . The basic phones will fall to 41% market share this year and fall to a very pussycat 28% in 2016. The input and very low cost (the simplest models and cheaper) will remain at 14% of market share this year and 4.2% in 2016.

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