Hackers publish data of the International Atomic Energy Agency

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The International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA has confirmed that a previously unknown group of hackers called “Parastoo” could steal and publish data. In a pastebin published document contains over 100 contact with the e-mail addresses of experts who work with the organization apparently.

“The IAEA deplores the publication of information that were stolen from an old server that has been shut down some time ago,” organization spokeswoman Gill Tudor told Reuters . “The technology and security teams analyze the situation and make every effort to ensure that no further data can be compromised.”

Your name Parastoo the hacker group has borrowed from Farsi, the Persian official language in Iran. It’s called “Swallow” and is also used as a female first name. The hackers call associated with the IAEA experts to sign a petition that calls for an “open investigation into the activities at Dimona.”

Dimona is an Israeli city in the Negev desert, in which there is a nuclear research center. Although not officially confirmed, is widely believed that Israel has nuclear weapons in Dimona and produce weapons-grade nuclear material.

The tasks of the IAEA, it belongs to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons. A Western diplomat told Reuters did not believe that the stolen data related to sensitive investigations of the organization. The IAEA is an autonomous scientific and technical organization that is connected through an agreement with the United Nations.

Middle of this month, the IAEA’s report on the completion of a second uranium enrichment plant in Iran. Through this underground facility, it could accumulate in the future far more fuel than before.The organization criticized in its report that Iran is still blocking controls. Western countries take Iran before many years to prepare for the construction of nuclear weapons.

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