Hackers publish 1 million iOS users data

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If you have an iPhone or an iPad calls his own will, perhaps again on a list published on the web. But even more explosive is the origin of the data.

The hacker group AntiSec published online 1 million iOS device IDs (UDIDs). This UDIDs (Unique Device Identifier, so unique serial numbers) are used by app developers and ad networks to identify individual users. Linked to UDID and a Facebook account, you can gather additional data about the user. After all, requires Apple recently that the user must be asked, if an app wants to access his UDID. Long that was not necessary. The hackers write accordingly: “We never liked the concept of UDIDs since the beginning indeed.” “We liked the concept of UDIDs ever”.
Own account, the hackers have seized as many as 12 million of the IDs, but it decided that 1 million is enough for publication. Full names, phone numbers, addresses and postal codes they had taken before the publication of the text file. This means that the hacker much more information than just the device IDs of iPhone ‘s and iPad ‘s have. However, they could not have the same number of each device to collect data, restricts AntiSec. Heikel is also the description of AntiSec, where the hackers have the data: the FBI. Supposedly they had hold of the information during the second week of March from a Dell Vostro laptop, the CS Special Agent from the FBI Cyber Action Team Regional belong. The hacker could have thanks to a Java download gap include the file “NCFTA_iOS_devices_intel.csv”. In total, 12,367,232 Apple IDs were captured. But why the FBI has such a list? Then the hackers have found no evidence.

Update: The FBI denies the origin of the data. There is currently no evidence to suggest that a laptop the FBI had been attacked successfully. It also denies that the FBI possessed such records.

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