Hackers exploit the Olympics to spread malware

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Cybercriminals exploit the high levels of online traffic that causes global sporting event

Given the great interest that cause the Olympics, hackers exploit this possibility to distribute malware on the network and infect millions of users worldwide. According to Sourcefire, the Cybercriminals exploit the high levels of online traffic that causes global sporting event to attract people to websites that contain a virus or malware. “In the network will contain hazardous sites compromised systems with specific application kits as Blackhole. These systems will force users to malware infected by botnets, as the case of Virus, “said the specialist in Internet security. He said that through emails, servers Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo primarily through deceptive advertising and between other techniques, criminal attack and captivate the attention of ordinary users to infect their computers. 


“Through non-certified sites, which will allow the streamming of each of the powers, hackers infiltrate and infect responsible for computers and mobile devices “he warned. The security company recommended to follow the Olympics on the Internet, people should be careful where they click, as they may contain codes, especially those who are in social networks and email. In this sense, The company also said that criminals could take advantage of search results on the web, to place a malware and infect people, without them realizing it.

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