Hackers declare war on SAR

The inclusion of this term as “hacker” in the new Dictionary of the Spanish language raises blisters in a group that feels criminalized


When the Spanish is more universal than ever, it is interesting to note as there are still more applicable to the official terms to describe Newspeak Orwell in his famous novel 1984 A contradiction which is at war hackers since the last 17 ​​of October the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE)presented the twenty-third edition of the Dictionary of the Spanish language. It was first included the term hacker , but not precisely the way that this group expected.

If someone opens the new dictionary and look up the word in question will read as follows: hacker: Hacker . A single definition, the company far from any other meaning, which portrays the temerity to cut such a wide-spread belief in the street field. Like a social condemnation is involved, Yago Jesus , computer security professional and editor of the blog www.securitybydefault.com , hits the mark on why the decision, “the definition that has taken the RAE has been that commonly used in movies , newspapers and current affairs programs. “

Although his words shows that “persons engaged in security” are more than accustomed to “the perversion of the term hacker”, there is widespread anger that could have come from another way in setting the concept . “It would have been interesting to better documentation and had sought advice; I get the impression that this word have invested very little time to develop the definition. There is a term called’cracker’ yes conforms to the definition in the SAR have taken. “

Beyond the obvious slip, outrage lies in establishing equality between the hacker, who works as a researcher in order to get strengthen protection mechanisms, and thecybercriminal putting their knowledge to the service of criminal activity . “A Hacker is someone who, armed with curiosity, is dedicated to learning about something and look for ways to improve it. There are hackers in computer security, financial hackers, etc “says Yago Jesus, then show simile too familiar these days , “If we transfer the matter to the real world, it would suffice to understand that, for example, the doctor who you happened to use the plasma of a person who has passed the Ebola and use it as a medicine, is actually ‘hacking’ Ebola ‘.

Although the word hacker is a term that exceeds the computer context, still keeps a portion clandestine necessary for the development of the activity, “obviously the world of computer security is inevitably linked to something shady elements. In the end it comes to defending some of the potential threats to what is necessary to know these threats . ” However, Yago Jesus remarks that one thing is professional development and another thing that means a person professionally connected with the security has to have a ‘dark side’.

Although the controversy raised by the RAE is just the latest chapter,the perversion of the term comes from afar , “this is the fault of the companies, to benefit from the word, have begun to sell services ‘ethical hacking’ when actually the concept is ‘safety audit’. Those, I think, are the real culprits of perversion. “

Ultimately, Yago Jesus places the focus of the solution in the media , “they have the power to get where those decisions are made ​​Speaker.”The hard road still to be done. Worst of dragging a “sambenito ‘not always about self stigma that it is clear, if not distorted echoes of those who have enough power to perpetuate it.

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