Hackers attack Venezuela web currency

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The website is responsible for managing and coordinating the control of exchange in the country and to regulate access to foreign exchange, in addition to maintaining the dollar at the equivalent of 4.30 bolivars.

Hackers attacked the website of the Foreign Exchange Administration Commission of Venezuela (Cadivi), forced to suspend their services for several hours, the bank said.

In a message appeared on his website, Cadivi said that “in the early morning hours of Saturday” page www.cadivi.gob.ve “was attacked by a group of computer hackers, causing disruption in the services provided” by your portal.

In time indicate that their technicians are “working to restore the system,” the agency confirmed that alerted law enforcement to initiate investigations and “to exercise legal action.”

Cadivi is the body responsible for managing and coordinating the exchange controls in force in Venezuela since 2003, which limits and regulates access to foreign currency and the dollar remains the equivalent of 4.30 bolivars, price in illegal parallel market is more than twice .

Local media reported that the website of the mayor of the Caracas municipality of Chacao was also attacked by a group identifying itself as Hp-Hack, the same as it did with the portal Cadivi, but there was no official statement on the issue.

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