‘Guitar Hero’ is ready to get back on track

Activision Blizzard Inc. announced plans to resurrect the once popular video game franchise.His next release, scheduled for later this year, will be “Guitar Hero Live” and will come with a redesigned guitar, real actors and cibercanal music videos.

'Guitar Hero' is ready to get back on track

“We said back when we had real innovation,” said Jamie Jackson, creative director on the programming of “Guitar Hero Live” FreeStyleGames, who previously worked on the series “Sing Party” and “DJ Hero”.

“We would not have come back if we did not consider that we are offering them a new experience. Honestly we felt we hit the nail in innovation”.

In “Guitar Hero Live” players will assume the role of promising guitarists in a fictional band.Instead of playing with computer-generated characters, aspiring rockers will see from a first person perspective to the band and the audience, which are played by real actors. The virtual audience booed u ovation players depending on their performance.

“We want you again feel like a rock star,” Jackson said. “We want to take the stage, either against 100, 1,000 or 100,000 people. We want you to experience what it feels like to be on stage. That’s why we change the camera to make it in person. While working on this will put the name in `key scenic Panic” ‘.

Despite having music from artists like the Rolling Stones, Ed Sheeran and Green Day, “Guitar Hero Live” will not use the image of these musicians but actors playing fictional musicians.Jackson refused to say why the fictitious bands sound like real groups like the Black Keys, Fall Out Boy and The Killers.

They changed the system of five colored buttons with the same icons on screen guitar nails pointing up and down. Jackson said the six-button configuration will give veteran players a challenge.

“When retakes something so dear as ‘Guitar Hero’ and begin to change people get a little nervous,” Jackson said. “The first time I saw him I wondered if we were trying to reinvent the wheel, but I remember when we were testing the prototype I thought, ‘wow, here is something’. He showed it worked”.

For the online mode of the game, FreeStyleGames created the video channel “GHTV”. The default mode will allow players to compete against each other – online or in person – with background music videos. Jackson said “GHTV” was inspired by streaming services and access is included with the purchase of the game for $ 99.99.

The revival of “Guitar Hero” comes after the programming of “Rock Band” Harmonix announced last month that it will launch a new edition of the series, which now also include keyboard and drums. Unlike “Guitar Hero”, Harmonix said “Rock Band 4” seek to be compatible with all previous versions, so drivers and songs purchased may be used in the new game.

“It’s a huge job of both the hardware and the musical side,” said Alex Rigopulos, Harmonix creative director. “But it’s incredibly important to our fans who have invested in ‘Rock Band’ in the last generation of consoles and is something we usually ask:` Please make “Rock Band 4″ ‘, followed by’ Please make compatible my drivers and my music ”.

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