Greenland thaw record

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Greenland progress this year towards the absolute record since it started melting measured by satellites, in 1979, as scientists have warned already. And have yet measurements of September, when the phenomenon reaches its peak before starting to lower temperatures in the region. The previous data are alarming: in the first week of August had already exceeded the total record melt of 2010, and there was still almost a month before the annual maximum.

The loss recorded in Greenland ice cap this year has been extreme and prolonged in almost all regions, but especially in elevated areas of the South. There the ice and snow melt usually a few days at most, but this summer has been two months. The melt season runs each year from June, when the first pools of liquid water, until early September.

In the middle of last July was a very sharp melting process of ice, which was observed to some extent, on the surface of 97% of the Greenland ice sheet for a few days, when usually, in summer, melting affects approximately half of the ice there. “It was an exceptional phenomenon in the sense that it is extremely rare as a snowfall in Rio de Janeiro,” said Tedesco now, one of the researchers who found that the phenomenon.Liquid water generated in the July merger freeze again a few days, forming an icy layer. The process coincided with a heatwave, a dome of hot air over Greenland.

But Tedesco now refers to the melting accumulated each year, scientists determined by calculating the duration and extent of melting along the entire summer season.

When drawing conclusions, Tedesco advises caution, because the records are of a few years compared to the millennia of history of Greenland. “But what we know now, we observe warming in the Arctic triggers the thawing process and reinforcing feedback mechanisms that extend over time.”

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