Graphene circuit debut in the real world

Logic of graphene

The graphene is the star of the scientific research and has made more promises than the most devout believers.This has generated an expectation as to when these promises begin to be fulfilled, although this may be asking too much of a substance discovered at least eight years.

However, as the granting of the Nobel for his discovery of graphene has smashed all records for speed, this transition from the laboratories to the factories is doing faster than would be reasonable to charge.

Now, for example, Italian researchers have just created the first integrated circuit made only with gates graphene.That is, it is no longer just a graphene transistor , or even a basic circuit as IBM dida few months ago.

Schematic of graphene gates, put to work in cascade, forming complex circuits, functional room temperature

Real-world environment

The new integrated circuit graphene works in contact with air – and not in controlled atmospheres laboratory – the temperature and using the same voltages used by the electronics of the silicon.“Furthermore, our doors are integrated on one type of graphene that can easily be grown on large areas, which paves the way for large-scale manufacturing of electronic circuits based on carbon,” said Roman Sordan, Polytechnic Institute Milan. It is well known that the inventors of the first sample collected  graphene using an adhesive tape on the graphite.But this technique of exfoliation is unsuitable for industrial use. Hence the importance of developing ways to obtain graphene that work consistently on a large scale.

Sordan and his colleagues built their gates to grow graphene on silicon wafers using chemical vapor deposition, a process widely used in industry.

Gain factor

The other basic requirement for its practical use is that graphene circuits are fast.

“We have demonstrated a voltage gain of 5.3, the highest ever reported for graphene grown by chemical deposition at ambient conditions,” said Sordan, noting that the previous work of the team had achieved a gain of 0.04.

Finally, after creating the gates of graphene, and show that they are reasonably fast, the researchers “cascaded” multiple ports, creating more complex circuits.

“These results have never been seen until now, whatever the temperature, even in cryogenic conditions,” celebrates Sordan.

Hot circuit

But not everything is ready: the operating voltage of the integrated circuit graphene is high, and power dissipation is high, which makes the chip devices unsuitable for low power consumption.

That’s what the team intends to work now.

Thus, fulfilling every promise, one at a time, perhaps the miracles promised by graphene can come true even sooner than the most devout of the technology could prophesy.

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