Grand Theft Auto V’ hit in the spring of 2013

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The highly anticipated game will  become the best selling franchise.

The anticipated video game Grand Theft Auto V will finally arrive in the spring of 2013, as announced by the company that develops, Rockstar.

Analysts are waiting for the new Rockstar can beat GTA San Andreas , the best selling video game franchise.

The trailer for the new title in the series was released a year ago and since then, fans of the game have not stopped speculating about everything around him.

It remains to know, for example, who will be the star, not knowing that Rockstar protagonists in GTA usually repeated, so that you can almost rule out Niko Bellic (GTA IV), CJ Johnson (GTA San Andreas) or Tommy Vercetti (GTA Vice City).

In addition, Rockstar has also warned fans about the future disposition of downloadable content, such as wallpapers, which will arrive in no time.

And is that Grand Theft Auto is one of the great sagas of the gaming world. Rockstar has gotten millions of users around the world enjoy the installments of the series, noted for the action and freedom of movement. The company is developing Grand Theft Auto V, the delivery of which has not yet provided little information.

So far, in addition to the image below, Rockstar has just posted a video about the game and has released several screenshots, which see the graphic work is still spectacular and the game will stay true to the series. However, it was expected that by now had more data. Rockstar has brought Grand Theft Auto V to the major exhibitions of video games and that meant that there was great uncertainty about plans to launch title.

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