Google’s most Curious Tricks

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For everyone knows that the Net is a place where it is almost impossible to get bored if you know where to look. Thus mushrooming network called ‘ Easter Eggs ‘, ie hidden features of web pages. And the well-known search engine Google knows enough of this.

   Many ‘Easter Eggs’ (which in Spanish literally means “Easter eggs”) finder. Some are seasonal and only have to do with celebrations like Christmas or Kwanzaa-party African origin, widespread in the African American population in the U.S., but there are other of these hidden functions that operate continuously.

   The first ‘Easter Egg’ is activated by typing in the Google image search the words ” Atari Breakout “. Automatically, the resulting images search become the classic arcade game in which the goal is to break bricks based bounce a ball in a controlled keyboard bar.

   If you type in the search ” Do a barrell roll “(do a barrel-type air-switching), the page will do a full 360 degrees. But if you enter the word ” askew “or” tilt “(both meaning” crooked “in English), the web will tilt causing the user to tilt your head to access search results.

   Another search engine tricks, perhaps the most striking, is activated when we introduce ” Google Gravity “in the search and then click on the button” I’m Feeling Lucky “. Suddenly the ‘home’ server will crumble, but continue to operate, ie, if we retrieve anything else, can access the first results of the search, but we will have to look in the rubble resulting from ‘Easter Egg’.

   But these tricks are not just for the search engine Google. Also, there are hidden features on your location service Google Maps .In this case, if we introduce the direction of Legoland in California,Pegman (the doll of the Street View feature icon) will transform into a sympathetic figure Lego . Similarly, Pegman becomes an astronaut if we postal address of the Kennedy Space Center.

   Surely in the future, the browser will launch new “Easter Eggs” that users will have to change, often erroneously, to entertain them for a while.So try  these and have fun with net.

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