Google wins battle with U.S. regulators for lack of evidence

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The Federal Trade Commission U.S. (FTC) has seen no evidence that Google favors its own services in the results of its search engine, but has been asked to open their patents to competitors in mobile telephony.

The chairman of the FTC, Jon Leibowitz, has announced that there is no evidence to sustain the allegations that Google benefits their own services against the interests of their competitors unfairly, as alleged by smaller companies, accusing the giant Internet to better position their products in the search result lists in lucrative segments such as ‘hotels’ website and relegate their rivals in the results so that users will not find them.

Leibowitz acknowledged, however, the difficulty of monitoring the algorithms of Google to determine whether manipulating the results. The ruling comes after 19 months of research and millions of pages of documents reviewed.

Google has agreed to make concessions in the way it manages its patents and its system of advertisements in your browser.

You also agree to change some of their processes of sample results, after the FTC has noted that it has received complaints that the Internet giant sometimes poses as his content of others such as the case of restaurant recommendations from Yelp .

The FTC asked Google to provide patent licenses to competitors in the market for smart phones “smartphones” , so that does not exclude competitors, especially now that the manufacturer has acquired Motorola.

According to the FTC, Google agrees not to hinder those trying to access patents obtained through the acquisition of Motorola.

For its part, Google chief legal officer, David Drummond , stated in his blog that the conclusions of the FTC process make clear that Google “offers services for users and good for competition.”

Drummond said that websites can now choose to disable Google recommendations attached competition and allows more flexibility for businesses to manage and move their services to other advertising options Google AdWords.

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