Google will start to penalize pirate sites in search results

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The Google announced on Friday, which intends to punish sites with pirated content in search resultsThe new facility, which will start to count next week, aims to reduce the page ranking of all sites that generate copyright infringement. For the company, the measure aims to help users find legitimate sources of quality and with greater ease. In practice, this means that the user to perform a search for a movie, for example, paid or will find sites that are within the law – unlike that offer pages and files on torrents sites illegal shares.

Google will hamper search for pirate sites 

In the blog Official Google revealed that the indexing algorithm will play the illegal pages down. However, the company emphasizes that the sites will not be deleted, but will lose relevance in Surveys. According to the company there are a lot of requests for removal of URL that violate the law. In the last month were generated 4,300,000 orders – a result greater than the total for the entire year of 2009.

Remember that the sites that violate copyright can only be removed by judicial ordersSince May this year, the Giant of the Internet has a unique page that displays the orders for removal of pages considered illegal.

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