Google will pay $ 2 million for those who hack Chrome

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The division’s browser Chrome , the Google has announced it will conduct a new edition of the event Pwnium 2, which is to “invite” experts to try to hack the browser company. The award of this second edition is even more interesting: U.S. $ 2 million.

This new edition came after organizers’ expectations are exceeded during the first event, of which two participants submitted entries of extreme complexity and quality enough to give the award to two.

This time, the company intends to give up to $ 2 million (about $ 4 million) in rewards for the participants, divided into different levels of “invasion.”

These categories are divided into “Full Chrome exploit”, “Partial Chrome exploit”, “Non-Chrome exploit” and “Incomplete exploit.” Among the prizes are amounts of $ 60,000 to an amount decided by the jury, depending on each situation. And in each, there are specific rules to be answered, breaking into the browser using his own internal bugs, bugs external use of operating systems, programs like Flash or other types of data access.

Entries must be made in the latest stable version of Chrome launched and run on an Acer Aspire V5-571-6869 (which will also be given as a prize for the best of them). Moreover, they should be on servers owned by Google and connection password authentication and HTTPS.

Google says it is happy to make the network safer, whatever the cost – and even rewarding the discovery of new vulnerabilities that are outside the control of the company.

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