Google will modify the response search criteria done on smartphones

When searching for certain pages through the smartphone, it is likely that the results are different from the usual. This is because the search (or rather the response to the survey) Google will turn out to favor the pages “mobile-friendly”, those which best adapt to the reduced size of the screens of smartphones. On the computer, everything will remain as it is.

In practice, the pages “responsive”, which change automatically depending on the device, will appear in the top results. On the one hand, this is subject to the pages (and businesses) whose presence on the web has not yet been modernized and, secondly, it offers the consumer more easily query results.

Google announced this change for some months. According to the company, it is due to the increasing use of mobile devices. It is increasingly common to use the smartphone to search for a restaurant or shop or compare product and their prices. So the impact will be huge.

This change can have a major economic impact on technically ill-prepared pages and survive the money they make, whether through advertising that feature, either the services they provide – the online stores are a good example. If the Google search goes on to give primacy to the latest pages, those whose technology does not follow the new technical criteria recede into the background. The relevance of this change is easily understood by the way we use Google on a day-to-day: most people is but the first or second page of results.

The pages whose construction is intended only for the computer browser slow to load on smartphones, are often misconfigured and difficult to read (which damages usability) in addition to generally consume more mobile data.
Google’s algorithms are known for their complexity and secrecy, but always aimed to return with the most relevant possible what is sought. Now, shall also be the criterion of adaptation to mobile devices.

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