Google will disable some services such as iGoogle and Google Video

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Continuing the wave of cleaning services little used, Google announced today (03/07) plus five of its products will be discontinued in the future or migrated to other existing ones. This time the affected products are iGoogle , the Google Video , the Google Mini , Google Talk chatback and Symbian Search App .


Google Video stopped accepting uploads in 2009, but continued in the air serving as the index of videos from other sites. But from August 20, it stops working altogether. Who has content on the site should migrate them to YouTube, delete them, or download a copy to your PC. Users who fail to do so will automatically migrated to the videos YouTube in the private mode.

Already iGoogle cease to operate from the 1st of November 2013, and until that date, users must export your data to avoid losing them. Alternatively, Google warns that the search interfaces and mobile applications already offer similar customizations.

Among the other discontinued products are the search application for Symbian, Google advises that it is replaced by the mobile version of site, and Google Mini, an integrated tool to offer Google search for the company and already has a better substitute. As for Google Talk chatback, the company advises users to migrate to the Meebo Bar .

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