Google will add Gmail to search results

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The firm is testing a new feature in which users would also be received or sent emails in the results list.

Google continues to walk towards the full integration of all services. The last step, announced today, promises to stir a lot of criticism and create controversy: add Gmail to the search engine results . That is, users will begin to see emails from their Gmail trays in your list.

“This is a very small step in a very complicated area,” said Sagar Kamdar, director of product management for universal search on Google, a company presentation. The big challenge is not only to merge both index (the Web and Gmail) in one, but to do so safely and privately admitted Kamdar. “That’s a difficult problem …”.

So far the new search is under testing, but users who want to can apply to be discharged through a web activation and receive a few days.

In the event, Google took the opportunity to offer some facts and statistics on the searches. As indicated, there are currently around 30 trillion unique URLs on the web , Google crawls some 20,000 million pages every day and every month is 100,000 million searches performed, as VentureBeat collected .

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