Google Wallet now centralizes the data cloud

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The payment service, now mandatory on Android, opens for use with most payment cards. The goal: to return the device data to the Google cloud.

Google changes its formula for paying Wallet, now mandatory for payments digital Android. Android on the official blog, the company says the changes undergone by the service now contactless payment (NFC) and digital. The firm decided to move the payment date data stored on the terminal on its servers.

From mobile site, it is now possible to manage the cards, its transactions, its devices (smartphones and tablets) and remotely disable an application Wallet. The system manages Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards, the banks must submit a request for service to be added …

A local security questioned

The use of credit card, or even its presence in the account, is a big issue for Google. One of the shortcomings of the Mountain View is not having to have the default payment method, like iTunes.Centralize transactions in the “cloud” Google is also supposed to break this barrier and encourage purchases on Play Digital Store.

To recap, the local data storage, it may seem more secure, has caused problems for users. Several flaws have marred the reputation of the service, the information is not so protected as desired.

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