Google Wallet could support the iPhone

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Google is working on a new version of its electronic wallet for mobile terminals, known as Google Wallet , which could support the iPhone . This way, users who choose to use this payment platform will be asked by the terminal using Android??, IPhone??, Others? … The page itself reports that Google Wallet are building a “purse” more versatile.

Google Wallet makes its way to become a platform for mobile payments through safe , smart , fast and versatile . To achieve this, you must make room for all those terminals that are ready for transactions. We say this because the payment method ofGoogle Wallet , to date, is based on NFC (Near Field Communication) which requires a chip inside the device intended to make the aforementioned transactions.

The inclusion as an option within Google Wallet to the iPhoneand other Android terminals that do not implement, could mean that the search giant is looking for another approach for electronic purse beyond the use of NFC technology and its integration corresponding chip inside the computer. This new system Google Wallet transactions could include different ways to make mobile payments. Some alternativescould pass for: harness the resources of the ” cloud “; integrate the passbook of Apple intended for this purpose, orevolve to support such codes QR or 2D bar .

Google Wallet for iPhone

About the NFC

The decision to shift its strategy because there are terminals that do not integrate NFC technology, for the iPhone, which is a problem for the use of Google Wallet as it is designed now. Moreover, Apple has decided not to support NFC in its latest handset, the iPhone 5 , making it clear he is not interested in the least, at least for now. Moreover, despite being launched a year ago, the dependence of the NFC Google Wallet, it conditional on the support from operators, has not always received. This situation, a little stagnant and pending agreements, has led Google to consider new alternatives and approaches. So, since August, the system supports any credit and debit card, and we now know that plans to open her fan to terminals that are not Android. Any momentum in this regard, we think so.

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