Google Voice Search for iPhone is much faster than Siri

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Voice Attendees are increasingly popular and different manufacturers often have their own service, eg Samsung has S Voice and Apple has Siri . The mobile handling our voice can be very useful in certain situations and these services allow us to control almost every aspect of the terminal, such as opening an application, send a text message, make a call or create a calendar event .

The newest Apple products, particularly those launched from the iPhone 4S , come standard with Siri but this is not the only option to handle the phone with our voice as in the app store more applications that fulfill this role. One of the most comprehensive is Google Voice Search , a remake of the classic Google Search with new enhancements that was released a few days ago, and is free and works with any Apple mobile device.

Siri vs Google Voice Search

The team at Gizmodo has done a test comparing the performance of Siri with the new service offered by Google to try to figure out which one works best. The result was clear: Google Voice Search is much faster and more accurate than the Apple assistant. In the video you can see how Google Voice Search responds much faster to voice commands it receives, sometimes even several seconds apart. In the test are given orders to find directions, definitions, sports scores, movie information, or the weather, in all cases the Google service goes ahead and shows the result soon.

Where really shows the superiority of Google Voice Search is in point of web search. Normally when you are confused Siri asks you to use the Internet but for that you have to press a button on the screen and say yes, only This will open Safari and load the results found by Google. Your opponent does not require many steps, for example when searching on the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy directly opens a series of pictures without having to do anything more.


Not everything is going to be wrong with Siri, Apple’s assistant played with the advantage of being integrated into the system and for this reason offers many more options when it comes to controlling terminal. For example we can order you call one of our contacts , to send email from our account, open one of the applications you have installed or create reminders through the integrated application.

Moreover understanding is more or less similar in both cases, the two assistants understandsentences spoken with natural voice and do not need to talk like we’re robots. Although the test results make it clear that Google Voice Search is faster, its shortcomings in terms of deeper control of the terminal does not allow you to completely replace Siri so it may be best to use both services combined.

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