Google uses atomic clocks and GPS devices to synchronize servers.

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Google recently launched Spanner, manager of data center able to collect and store information servers so extremely fast. And for all databases could communicate effectively, it was necessary to equip them with atomic clocks and GPS devices. “These are units that know the right time,” says Stacey Higginbotham, GigaOM editor of the site.

This synchronization system, which keeps data updated through time variables (from the use of atomic clocks) and space (through GPS devices), enables servers largest search portal internet communications remain constant and stable between them.

How it works

The TrueTime API, short for “Application Programming Interface” , basically works as follows: GPS antennas collect information about the geographical positioning data as atomic clocks use the properties of individual atoms, synchronizing, thus uptime of each server.

Keeping data centers operating is a rather complicated task. “If many people access a generous amount of information over the internet, synchronization and data stability are compromised,” says Max Schireson, CEO of 10gen portal. But TrueTime API seems to be giving the job because so far all platforms of Google are working fully.


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