Google Translate made conversations between two people with different language possible

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A new patent from Google lets you know what could be the future of Google Translate . It would be much more than a translation dictionary, allow two people talk on the same device, each using their own language. The app translate the phrase used by each user. May be available only for tablets.

Right now that Google just updated their application Google Translate with some new features that improve the performance of the same, the speed of translation and the user interface, this patent appears the company in which you can see what might be the future of the application itself. In the past, foreign travel could only be made ​​with a dictionary in the suitcase. Today, we carry a complete conversation. Among the latest developments in the implementation of Google Translate, we find phrases and ready to use in conversations. However, Google Translate would still be much more than that. At least in the application for tablets, two users, each with a different language, use one of two on-screen keyboard with a provision diametrically opposed. What you write in your part of the screen in your own language, appear on the other user’s translated into this. Basically, Google Translate will be able to run a simultaneous translation of what we write. Patent documents are currently available on the USPTO American , and accompanied by an illustration of the idea of Google, which is also attached to this article.

But if we try to look further, and see what they can exist within one or two years, we realize that the chances of a translation service like Google Translate integrated into other services the company could give value to these last incalculable. Just think about Hangouts, held converse with other users whose language is not mastered expressing ourselves in our own language, while Hangouts Google Translate to instantly translate text using what we are saying.And if this still seems little, just have to analyze what would be a voice recognition system that is capable of improved listen to what we say, and show it to other users written in your language, or even to pronounce it in the language of another user.

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