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The tens of thousands of developers that feed the Google Store Play were issued with an email informing them of a policy change regarding the process of submitting applications .

A new streamlined regulation, far more explicit in its broad outlines and all the more restrictive it applies retroactively, now conditions validation, publication and distribution of any software.

These criteria relate to the names of applications and their associated icons, payment systems, preservation of confidentiality or the display of advertisements.

To avoid instigating doubt in the minds of consumers, a very subjective parameter appeared on a page of general update for the occasion.

This is avoided, for any application, timely exploitation of the commercial image of a product that existed previously, either through a consonance or any likeness of logos.

Another less tangential, but restrictive, limiting payment to one system of Google applications and content purchases “in-app”.



In this line, any user who decides to stop a recurring subscription prior to maturity will not get any refund for the remaining period. Developers to adopting a more flexible model, according to TechCrunch .

If it remains a blur to this subject, unanimously premium on the promise of greater security. Google speaks bluntly greater control.

The clause is consequential to the less explicit, with a formula to the imperative followed by a list of all components to be excluded: malicious code, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, etc..

In this line, many practices become classified as spam: content iterative, misuse of keywords for SEO on Google Play, evaluations dubious redirects ups to third party websites and sending messages without consent.

Finally, the advertising should not interfere with program implementation and operation of the terminal itself.Discretion is strongly recommended, further notifications, shortcuts, search bars, bookmarks and other elements often installed secretly.

Applications deemed non-compliant with respect to these conditions must imperatively be upgraded within 30 days.

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