Google stands up to WhatsApp and Skype in one application, launched Hangouts

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On the first day of the Google developer conference, I / O 13, the company’s Mountain view has made ​​several developments regarding their services. New search methods, their maps remodeling a subscription based music service and Hangouts, one of its most attractive bets.



Hangouts is the unified messaging service claimed that comes to compete directly against the high-powered Applications BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp and Line, but at the time it is capable of dealing with industry giants Microsoft Skype or Apple’s FaceTime, thanks to the possibility of video calls among multiple users.


Google has unified messaging all their options and the result has been Hangouts. The choice of the name of the messaging application was not accidental as it inherits the name of one of the most recognizable features of Google+, group video, now available from any smartphone with iOS or Android and from Chrome.

Hangouts has the backing of Google and lets you chat with all contacts you have in the social network, or you can make conversation with anyone that has a Gmail account.

The service allows individual discussions and create groups in which corals can make video calls up to ten people. The design is especially careful, adapting to the environment Google+ and sending photos through the application is stored in the social network itself in a private album visible only to the participants in the conversation.

However, beyond the possibilities of conversation between users, the main key to the use of this service is that it has Google development, which is expected to be one of the cornerstones of social development.

Thanks to this support, the application has the ability to rely on other company services such as Youtube, allowing live broadcast video calls video site, so that all users who have installed the app will be able to use mobile as video system streaming.


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