Google shows a high-tech running shoes that speak to the owner

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In Google seem willing to make the world seem as futuristic as shown in science fiction movies.When still testing with augmented reality glasses Google Glass , and think of a new device, the Google smart shoes Shoes , they are able to talk to the owner.



The company has shown this technology footwear SXSW conference , where he described the product as a creative concept and without any commercial interest , at least for now.

The Google Shoes can give directions using Google MapsGoogle has created the shoes with a pair of Adidas sport, an electronic circuit, a speaker,accelerometer, gyroscope and pressure sensor . Shoes have the Google operating system Android , free Bluetooth and can give directions using Google Maps and send both voice through publications online .

The developers have wanted to give personality to the shoes, and have done putting a pinch of humor. Thus, the Google Shoes not only speak to the owner when it is moving but you say things like“this is boring” when the individual in question is stopped for a long time.

The shoes are part of the Art and Copy Code Project, a series of experiments focusing on innovation and marketing, but Google recognizes that this particular idea, far from being a mere game,has much potential . Athletes, for example, could wear these shoes, they would inform their followers on Twitter of the speed at which it is running in a given event.

Nevertheless, the company has ruled out pursuing this market, at least directly. “We will not get into the shoe business,” said a Google representative.

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