Google removes dangerous adware on alter of Avast

Avast antivirus editor, has indeed identified several real fake applications downloadable game for Android devices from the Google store. Among these include “Durak card game”, “IQ test” and “app history.”

In 2013, Google had removed nearly 60,000 applications from its store. But the firm has not yet finished with the cleaning of Google Play unwanted apps, like Adware type of app.

Avast found that those applications had been downloaded several million times, potentially allowing it to spread malware or adware from a large number of users.

Here no flight data or infection strictly effect Android device, but the distribution of advertising content , typically in order to push the user to install software, as an ineffective security product.

As Avast says, these tools are used in the majority of cases then send premium SMS unbeknownst to the owner of the terminal. More surprisingly, these ads sometimes link to other security applications, known and hosted on Google Play. These publishers would not he seems unaware of the promotion made of their solutions through adware.

The security editor also indicates that these malicious apps from Google Play are wise 30 days after installation. Only then, when unlocking the screen, that appear commercials and activates the function of aware of the program.

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