Google releases the final version of its technology to accelerate sites

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After two years and 18 versions, Google this week removed the label “Beta” of mod_pagespeed, technology to accelerate your web pages.

The Mod_pagespeed is open source Apache module in use in over 120,000 sites, say Joshua Marantz and Ilya Grigorik, PageSpeed Google Google team, in a blog post . “If you have a website, speed (load) is fundamental. For developers and webmasters, make your page more quickly should not be complicated, and that’s why we introduced the mod_pagespeed in 2010.”

Google has been campaigning for a faster web, even encouraging a revision of TCP. 

The technology “mod_” accelerates sites, reduces page load time and improves the latency of the web page and bandwidth usage. It consists of an Apache HTTP server module that automatically enforces codes that improve performance for pages and associated assets, including CSS, JavaScript and images, without requiring modifications of existing content. These codes are grouped into six categories: optimization of cache and browser rendering, optimized for mobile devices, applications and header download size.

Google said users include web hosting providers GoDaddy and DreamHost. “We are committed to working with the open-source community to continue evolving mod_pagespeed, including optimizations and support for other Web servers,” said Marantz and Grigorik.

Filters are central resources in mod_pagespeed to optimize the content of a site without affecting appearance or behavior, say the engineers. More advanced filters are also provided, and can be enabled by the site owner for higher performance improvements. The mod_pagespeed can be deployed and customized for individual sites.

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