Google releases the final version of Chrome 25, voice support

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Google has released the final version of its Chrome browser that has important news. Chrome 25, which until now was in beta, enables voice recognition so that you can interact with the browser and tailored applications via voice commands. Also automatically disables various extensions to allow users to have more control of them.

Chrome 25

Chrome 25

The browsers sector continues to live an era of highly competitive and companies will not stop improvements that allow their products to take advantage. Google and Microsoft keep a pulse to get the first closed position and both are working hard to make Chrome and the Internet Explorer are increasingly comprehensive.

The last to upgrade your browser has been Google. The company has announced a new version of Chrome that integrates two interesting developments. The first is the voice recognition. Google has explained that you can now interact with your browser and applications adapted through voice commands. The company has made available for developers the API needed to get this option. Google had already demonstrated the potential of voice recognition in Chrome earlier. In fact the company has a page as a demo in which you can compose an email without typing , just with voice commands. The second innovation introduced by Google in Chrome is related to silent extensions that are installed on the occasion in your browser. Google has decided that the latest version of Chrome disable these extensions by default. Users will receive a notice of such deactivation and a direct link to the settings page that allows re-enable updates.

The aim is to give more control and security to users , while improving browser performance. Both enhancements are available in the latest version of the browser, which can be downloaded through the Chrome page.

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